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Amindaj - AMINDAJ – Contramaestre (Cuba)
Production Vinilkosmo © 2011

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Cd is com in 20 october 2011


This debut CD, entitled Amindaj, contains 8 songs and was recorded at the beginning of 2011 in the Puig Studio in Bayamo, in the province of Granma in Cuba.
The international hits Chan Chan (Ĉan ĉan) by Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo) and Son de la loma (Ili ja montanas) de Miguel Matamoros, translated and adapted by Maritza Gutiérrez, form a notable part of this album.

The popular songs Tiel la mondo iras, Mia voĉ´ pli laŭtos, Maria , Lasu la malĝojon flugi, and Ĉar ankoraŭ batas via kor´, were composed by Julián Hernández Angulo and arranged by Carlos Rafael Lolo Mendoza.

A new Cuban version of La bamba is an irresistible invitation to get up and dance.
These songs are vocally interpreted by Guillermo Sánchez, the group's lead singer, kaj Annelis Almarales, a guest performer on this recording.

The tres (three-string Cuban guitar), characterizing the band with its trademark sound of Cuban traditional music, is accompanied by violin, guitar, contrabass, maracas, guajo, congas, bongos and cowbell.
This album promotes traditional Cuban music in Esperanto.
Amindaj is not only a musical band, but also a cultural project including two dancers, Adita and Gricel, who decorate the group's musical performances by their dancing, with all under the general direction of Graciela Morgado Rodríguez.

This first album of Amindaj was enabled by the collaboration of Łukasz Żebrowski, Ana Montesinos, Roy McCoy, and many other Esperantists who in one way or another supported this project.

Heartfelt thanks to all.

Amindaj in this album consists of:
Graciela Morgado Rodríguez: general director and manager
Abdel Cabrera Hierrezuelo: director – violin
Carlos Rafael Lolo Mendoza: musical director and arranger – Cuban tres
Yoandris Baños Carrión: contrabass
Yamir Sánchez Fajardo: guitar
Salvador Guillermo Gómez Parra: drums, congas, bongos, cowbell
Amilkar Fajardo Morgado: drums, maracas, guajo and güiro (notched gourd)
Guillermo Sánchez Cordero: lead singer

Annelis Almarares Martínez: guest singer

Adaelsi Castellanos Pérez (Adita): dancer
Gricel Ramírez Cardoza: dancer

Special collaboration:
Maritza Gutiérrez González
Julio César Tamayo Salas
Manuel Muñoz Laffita
Rodolfo Marín Morgado

Recorded at: Puig Studio in Bayamo (Kubo)
Sound engineering: Carlos Rafael Puig Batle (recording)
Carlos Rafael Puig Premion (artistic production and mixing)

Mastering: Triboulet, Studio de la Trappe/Vinilkosmo in Donneville (France)

Photos: Rodolfo Marín Morgado (booklet and jacket), Łukasz Żebrowski (CD cover and Street photos)
Graphics and layout: Ivimages (Yves Charlot)

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