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At AFRIKA KOMPILO - 8-title album
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Konga Espero – Kinshasa (Congo)

Coproduction Konga Espero/Vinilkosmo © 2010

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Konga Espero

Despite technical difficulties, they succeeded in recording an 8-title mini-album in 2009 in a studio in Kinshasa, Kiu lingvo?, and they agreed to add it to the AFRIKA KOMPILO project.

Their music carries us from reggae and zook through latino and funk rock, with themes going from political engagement, world peace, and romance.

The musicians of Konga Espero:
– Viktor Lufimpu: writer, composer, and lead singer
– Rock Tamba: writer, composer, lead singer, and guitar
– Junior Ngangu: writer, composer, lead singer, and guitar
– Aime Nkuansambu: bass
– Konga Ndali: guitar solo
– Derlain: keyboard
– Franck Lukombo: chorus and percussion
– Esther: chorus
– Annie Bilola: chorus
– Doustin Mopoto: drums
– Nelly Masemi: chorus
– Lily Kandolo: chorus

Recorded and mixed in Studio Diya Studio in Kinshaso
Sound engineer: Oscar Diyabanza
Mastering in Studio de la Trappe/Vinilkosmo in Donneville, France
Sound engineer: Triboulet
Booklet text revision: Rikardo Cash
Cover graphic concept: Papy Boke
Photos: Tede Diyabanza
Graphics on the booklet and CD sleeve: Cyrille Poullet (Platano)

Konga Espero el Kinŝaso (AFRIKA KOMPILO)

1 - Kiu lingvo

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