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March 5, 2021 - Just released "Sola hirund' " (Official Music Video) - BaRok-Projekto
Sola Hirund kovrilo500px


The music video " Sola hirund' " (lonely swallow) announces the final preparations for the digital EP Kvin jarcentoj (five centuries) by power/folk metal group BaRok-Projekto (Brazil).
Special contributors to this song were Kimera and Fred Mika, the very experienced Brazilian drummer of the rock group Sunroad.

"Sola hirund' " (Official Music Video) - BaRok-Projekto


The recording of Kvin jarcentoj is progressing well and will be completed in a few weeks.
It will be available on:

To order BaRok-Projekto T-shirts click on this link:

Cxiuj Ni LPG 250px

October 10th will be the official release date of the live album Ĉiuj ni amegas Usonon (We all love the USA) by La Perdita Generacio, at VINILKOSMO.

This new album was recorded during La Perdita Generacio's concert on the occasion of the North American Esperanto Congress in Seattle (USA) in July 2018. It is a rather special project because it is the first live album published by Vinilkosmo.

LA PERDITA GENERACIO live in Seattle (photo: Marcus Griep)

This new album was recorded during La Perdita Generacio's concert on the occasion of the North American Esperanto Congress in Seattle (USA) in July 2018. It is a rather special project because it is the first live album published by Vinilkosmo.

The production was a success thanks to the co-production between:
- Esperanto-USA, who invited the group and recorded it,
- LPG, who performed on stage in Seattle, and
- VINILKOSMO, who mixed, mastered, and who is publishing the digital album.

The preparations and the process for this edition were long and complicated, but in the end the collaboration was successful and everything was finally arranged, and it is now possible to enjoy the lively atmosphere of this memorable concert which will be part of the lifelong works of the Esperanto musical culture.

"Ĉiuj ni amegas Usonon" presents 13 songs from the Seattle concert plus a special track written during the post-congress camp in Mount Rainier National Park. Five of the songs are unreleased and one is an adaptation of a song by Amanda Palmer.

In this live album, you will also discover a new face and sound of LPG on stage, with a drummer. IMG 1212
LPG with drummer (Måns) on stage (photo: Marcus Griep)

Let yourself go to savour this work which will bring home the live atmosphere of the LPG concert. Let yourself be lead….

Those interested can discover, listen to samples, and order the digital 23 track album at:

To read the band's biography, visit the artist's page here:

 IMG 1217
LA PERDITA GENERACIO live in Seattle (photo: Marcus Griep) 

 And watch the clip below entitled "Melodi Din"

Mastering and finalization of TIM's "Vaganto" digital EP

On August 18, 2020, TIM's EP masterization began.
It is called "Vaganto" (Wanderer), a new gem in the musical culture of Esperanto ...

TIM introduces himself here to explain how he recorded his first music publication in Esperanto:













Here are some photos of the studio with Triboulet and the tools used for mastering ...

In a few days (August 24) the 6-track digital EP will be available at Vinilkosmo and for subscribers on ABONKLUBO.

You can already visit the artist page to discover TIM on:

Photos: Flo!







Vaganto TIM 250pix
Today, August 24, 2020, is the official release of TIM's digital EP, "Vaganto" (Wanderer) from Colombia on VINILKOSMO.
The first production of this new young artist who offers us a beautiful voice and superb guitar playing in an indie and alternative pop style ...
It was a long and difficult preparation of nine months, not in the best conditions (Covid19 crisis, technical problems, etc ...) but the album is now appearing and we have no doubt that you will like this musical gem sung in Esperanto!
Discover, listen and order the 6-track EP now on: Here is the video clip of the song "Ni" (us)

la pordo Ale Kosabela250

As previously announced, today, on February 18th, 2020, the single of “La Pordo” by Ale Kosabela has been officially released, with major international collaboration, appearing under license CC BY 2  (Creative Commons) in the Vinilkosmo publishing house.

At the same time as the single, there is also the official version of the video clip for “La Pordo”.

“La Pordo” is an urgent call for social transformation. It’s a real message that is getting more and more timely: we need to wake up and work together to improve the living conditions of all beings and to protect our common home.
With this song, Ale encourages active participation in a new culture of cooperation and brotherhood, and invites us all to travel the “small distance between dream and awakening”.
Everyone’s thoughts and emotions matter, everyone’s actions are essential and urgent!

If you feel concerned by this topic, we invite you to discover or rediscover this song accomplished by a large number of collaborating artists who have enhanced the importance and strength of Ale's work.

See also the related article with photos at:

The single is available on the Vinilkosmo music platform as of now, 02/18/2020 at: (Click on the image below)

You can watch the video clip on this same page

Listen to “La Pordo” broadcast live at the fair Music Diversity Broadcasting outlet for AbonKlubo Members: (Click on the image below)
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