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varbrubados EKDE TIAM

EKDE TIAM are a alternative synth-pop group founded by husband and wife Peter & Jo Johns in 2017 in Australia.

Discover EKDE TIAM on the artist page here:

EKDE TIAM Amo kaj Perforto Kovrilo 500

The first EP, Amo kaj Perforto (Love and Violence) released by themselves on December 1, 2020.
Begun in Melbourne, it travelled with the band, who moved to Brisbane just before the pandemic, and was partly mixed during lockdown.
The four songs are stylistically diverse, and combine acoustic drums with the electronic synthesizer.

The EP can be divided into two topics, as per the name, with the first two songs about love and the second two about violence.

Its official release at Vinilkosmo takes place exactly one year later, on December 1, 2021 and it is available here:


Watch the video clip "Paĉjo" below:

Hibrida Batalanto BaRok Projekto 250 200x200
Official release of the single Hibrida batalanto (Hybrid Fighter) on September 28, 2021.

With this single BaRok-Projekto announces the preparation of the next digital EP Veko (awakening).

Ancestors tell youngster he has hybrid blood, from both his white relatives and his native ancestors. The green side, the side of the forest, was screaming more loudly, so he started the fight for indigenous rights!.

The Indigenous peoples are the original peoples of Brazil. The land does belong to them, they were already living there before the invasion. Political projects aim to limit their rights more and more...

There is a popular saying that says "in Brazil everyone has indigenous blood either in their veins or on their hands"

From September 28, 2021 Hibrida batalanto is available for download on the Vinilkosmo platform here:



photo Précommande


A new punk rock compilation Esperanto Subgrunde vol. 2 with songs in the neutral international language Esperanto will be released this year! It will be released by the independent Esperanto music label Vinilkosmo. The album features twenty groups from ten countries.

Esperantokoro is rock music against linguistic discrimination and inequality, against racism and cultural chauvinism. It is a term for all underground rock music with lyrics in Esperanto, the neutral international language.

Among the participating groups are JoMo kaj Liberecanoj (France, punkrock), Piĉismo (Ukraine/Lithuania, hardcore punk), Krio de Morto (Poland, industrial punk), René Binamé (Belgium, punk song), Stomachal Corrosion (Brazil, grindcore), Brassens Not Dead (France, punk song), Corbata (Japan, grindcore), Pixamandúrries (Catalonia, rural punk), Frakasu (Russia, punk hardcore) and many others. The compilation supports the alternative and solidarity educational project of La Escuelita (The little school ).

You will find more detailed and complete information on the subscription campaign at this address:

Description in Russian here:
Pre-orders for Russians and Ukrainians


Videos about Esperanto Subgrunde 2

Trailer:  Launch on 06/14/2021


Flo presents the pre-order campaign (07/13/2021)


Brassens Not Dead teaser 
(France) (07/20/2021)

René Binamé teaser 
(Belgium) (07/27/2021)


Lisa presents the project La Escuelita
(Peru) (3/08/2021)


Teaser by Ruĝa Espero (Russia) (08/10/2021)

Teaser by  Platano & Sparky Riot
(from Paris)  (17/08/2021)

La Espero sambas250px 200x200
Release of the single "La Espero sambas" by Rafael Milhomem, with among others the collaboration and contribution of Flavio Fonseca, discover and watch the video below:

To find out more about the artist go to the artist page here:

Memorante Gondolandon Kovrilo250px

Korvaks (Auckland,  New Zealand) cannot play a musical instrument with sufficient skill to be called a musician, but he has never let that dampen his desire to create music.

Fortunately for him, technology and his beloved computer make an inability to play no longer a barrier.

He decided to combine his interest in learning to programme instruments with his interest in Esperanto.

Having been inspired by Mazi en Gondolando and feeling an affinity toward the anti-hero Korvaks, he adopted the name as his own.

And so we present Memorante Gondolandon, five songs of electronic music for your enjoyment, free of charge.

The EP can be downloaded from June 11, 2021 on the album page, see here:


Music video "Komputilo" by Korvaks:


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